[Pauldotcom] Auditing Folder Permissions on Windows

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shareenum and accessenum  both available on the technet site.


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So here is my issue.
I am having to basically output the ACL's (ie user/group and it's permissions) for about 9 shares on our network.  So in the form of \\server\place\folder

i need to know the ACL on every folder under that top one to tell if it's changed from what it should be.
so far I've tried doing it in perl and in ruby, both run into some limitations with the sheer number of folders or with dealing with the depth of recursion.

tried it in Powershell, hits a limit in the length of the folder names.
Any tools out there that do this stuff?  This is kind of centered around SOX reporting, so I am sure I am not the only one trying to do this.  


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