[Pauldotcom] How much wiping do you do? :)

David A. Gershman dagershman_dgt at dagertech.net
Thu Apr 16 02:14:49 UTC 2009

One pass is enough?  Hmmm...anyone tell the DoD?  They still require
multi-pass wiping.
> I sent a simular question to Scott Moulton, but I figured I'd ask in this
> gorup as well. I always wondered if wiping with more than just all
zeros was
> necessary, then I saw this:
> http://16systems.com/zero.php
> and this
> http://www.anti-forensics.com/disk-wiping-one-pass-is-enough
> So, is it totally useless to wipe a drive more that once? What would
it take
> to get the data off of a drive wiped once with all zeros?
> Also as a side note, Scott sent me a link to this tool awhile back
that uses
> some on board stuff of modern drives to wipe even sectors marked as bad by
> the internal drive logic:
> http://crystalmark.info/download/index-e.html
> One more side note: Anyone know how I can wipe my slack space with an
> arbitrary set of bits? I though it would be funny to but the
lemonparty jpg
> all over my slack space for investigators to find :)
> Thanks much,
> Adrian

David A. Gershman
gershman at dagertech.net
"It's all about the path!" --d. gershman

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