[Pauldotcom] should everyone be linked in to one another (Robin Wood)

Arch Angel arch3angel at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 08:46:04 UTC 2008

I can't say LinkedIn found me a job, however the HR person who hired me for
my previous job sends me information all the time asking me to come back to
where she is working now, so I have to assume the opportunity is there is I
really looked closer.

The side of LinkedIn that best suits me is the ability to stay in touch with
co-workers who have gone different directions, misc. groups of interest, and
even more interesting ventures relating to areas I enjoy such as
pauldotcom.  I believe if it stays more on the professional side it could be
a valuable asset, but if it grows without control it could quickly turn into
the next MySpace which would be horrible for all its good sides.

As for my information, minus recent classes I have taken and put on there
most my information is easily found through some digging so i am not too
concerned.  If you have any sort of clearance with the gov then I would
strongly recommend keeping the displayed information as limited as humanly
possible, even obscuring some of the information so that it would throw a
red flag if ever used to attempt identity theft.

Although you could be like Larry and never accept your invite to join your
network :-)
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